How to Improve Singing

Singing is the art of expressing yourself through the provision of music.  Singing has been used for centuries to convey messages of various forms.  Humans used their voices in music to relay messages of love, war, and culture.  Singing has even been used in celebratory functions such as weddings, church services, and seasonal festivities.


A person wanting to perfect their singing ability should consider taking lessons in the type of singing style they prefer. Whether operatic, jazz or pop, having lessons is like exercise, training your muscles and brain to operate in good artistic fashion.  Lessons provided not only the mental knowledge but also the physical knowledge to improve.


While on my way to my singing lesson one day I mentally was going over the activities that I would be undertaking to prepare for my performance that was coming up soon.  Mental preparation is key to brilliant performances.


As I was getting ready to leave, my car wouldn’t start.  Obviously, the first notion was to turn the ignition on and off multiple times like any car owner would choose to do, only to discover this method was not going to work.  So after releasing the hood, I stepped out to take a look at what may be the problem. The good thing within minutes of contacting a reputable towing service, my car was up and running with minutes to spare to arrive on time to my singing lesson.


Attending my lesson that day proved to a valuable one.  From the activities that I went over to the critiques I received from my voice coach, I felt more ready and informed for my upcoming performance.


Things you will learn by having vocal lesson will be vital techniques such as breath control, sight reading, sight singing, music reading, timing and much more.  All of these mentioned are just a few things that can prove to be an amazing assistance in improving your singing craft.


A number of great singers have used vocal coaches.  Being willing to be a student means you will always get better and become more experienced.  Also, you are able to expound on your creativity in music.  Can you imagine the fun you can have by mixing genres?


If you haven’t had a voice lesson, try one or two.  Look for a vocal coach that will suit you and your goals.  Have open communication as well with your coach so that you can reach your potential with the right help.


Singing with style and heart should always be the ultimate goal.

Sharing Digital Music

Digital Music ListenerOn this day, it is possible to share music and video with as many people as you want. This is greatly different than it used to be before the digital Music Revolution. Some things to consider are whether this is right or wrong and why.

Consider the everyday working man. He typically gets up in the morning gets ready for work goes to work and earns his pay. He expects to be paid for the work that he performed doesn’t he?  No one would likely argue that he deserves to be paid for the work that he performed. Why is it any different for an artist, musician or someone involved in the Performing Arts? Do they deserve to be paid for their work?

Of course, they do. But nowadays their work can be given away freely by whoever chooses to do so. Many people today don’t think twice about sharing their music library from their iTunes or other media player. They don’t think that this is valuable content that somebody worked hard to produce and should be paid for. So what are the consequences?

Consider the Working Man in Los Angeles California who earns his living as a studio musician. He makes his living by going to work and creating new music every day. It is no different than anybody else that goes to work. The studio can pay the musician only if the studio is paid for the recordings. Now if those recordings are not purchased by the General Public the studio or record companies cannot pay their musicians. If they cannot pay these musicians who are earning an honest living these musicians cannot support themselves and feed their families. Yet, it seems that many people in today’s world don’t think about that when they share their music digitally. In reality, they’re taking food out of children’s mouths.  That may be seen as a bit of an exaggeration but if you put yourself in the shoes of the artist who created the music or the musician who worked on the music and expected to be paid for his work you might think differently.

Traveling Performing Artists

Tour BusOn The Road Again

A famous song by Willie Nelson played on the radio for the enjoyment of Untold numbers of people. It really outlined what it’s like for a musician who makes his living by traveling on the road. Imagine the difficulties they must face since they’re not home every night in the comfort of their own bed eating in their own kitchen and enjoying their families on a day-to-day basis. No wonder they strive to get very comfortable buses to travel in while Towing their equipment in a trailer behind them or on another truck.

These vehicles are definitely not inexpensive and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. They really are the lifeblood of the musician or artist because without them they cannot get to the next gig. Artists of today face many challenges that were faced in years past because of the nature of digital mediums for content. In the past when they were only records it was pretty much impossible for music to be pirated and shared. If someone really liked a song or record they would have to go out and buy it Whereas in today’s world they can easily be shared or given away.  What this means is that the artist makes much less money by selling copies of their music. And remember many artists have families to support businesses to sustain with many employees who are also supporting themselves and their families. So this seemingly innocent event of giving somebody an MP3 has far-reaching consequences to many families.

Our friends at Pick It Up Towing it has had to help numerous different touring acts when their buses and vehicles break down in the Phoenix Arizona area. Without a doubt, this is a major expense for any touring act because it can result in them not making their next game and if they don’t play they don’t get paid.  So when the Pick It Up Towing Company helps them we are not only getting them back in their vehicles but they’re helping them to sustain their means of making a living.