Sharing Digital Music

Digital Music ListenerOn this day, it is possible to share music and video with as many people as you want. This is greatly different than it used to be before the digital Music Revolution. Some things to consider are whether this is right or wrong and why.

Consider the everyday working man. He typically gets up in the morning gets ready for work goes to work and earns his pay. He expects to be paid for the work that he performed doesn’t he?  No one would likely argue that he deserves to be paid for the work that he performed. Why is it any different for an artist, musician or someone involved in the Performing Arts? Do they deserve to be paid for their work?

Of course, they do. But nowadays their work can be given away freely by whoever chooses to do so. Many people today don’t think twice about sharing their music library from their iTunes or other media player. They don’t think that this is valuable content that somebody worked hard to produce and should be paid for. So what are the consequences?

Consider the Working Man in Los Angeles California who earns his living as a studio musician. He makes his living by going to work and creating new music every day. It is no different than anybody else that goes to work. The studio can pay the musician only if the studio is paid for the recordings. Now if those recordings are not purchased by the General Public the studio or record companies cannot pay their musicians. If they cannot pay these musicians who are earning an honest living these musicians cannot support themselves and feed their families. Yet, it seems that many people in today’s world don’t think about that when they share their music digitally. In reality, they’re taking food out of children’s mouths.  That may be seen as a bit of an exaggeration but if you put yourself in the shoes of the artist who created the music or the musician who worked on the music and expected to be paid for his work you might think differently.