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The Loveable Little Guy That Lives with Kathy

Bentley in his Sun Bonnet

No it's not Sherlock, the Basset Hound used by Elvis and RCA for publicity in the fifties.
It's the Basset Hound owned by Kathy Westmoreland.
You know Kathy as "the little girl with the beautiful high voice,"
that sang with Elvis in the '70s.

Kathy and Bentley at Play

It all began when Kathy recently added a picture of her dog Bentley to her Web Pages.
Bentley has gotten so much attention since that day, I just had to find out more about him.
I soon found out he's definitely NOT your average hound dog.

Here's what Kathy told me when I ask her the story on this adorable little guy.

One peg leg up for Bentley

I never even thought about the relationship between Elvis' Hound Dog and Bentley when I got him,
it just happened that way. I babysat a friend's Bassett (Willie) for six months in the seventies and
fell in love with him. When I was failing at every attempt I could to adopt one, I decided out of desperation
that perhaps Lindsey (my daughter call a breeder I had circled in the newspaper) as I got a fresh cup of coffee...
we had run into block wall after block wall on every lead we had that day. The woman answered and was "crying".

A Good Skater has to Check his Wheels.

She had never had anyone call to ask if she knew of a Bassett that needed to be adopted, only asked her what she
had for sale, or asked if she could take one for them, when they didn't want them anymore. She had just returned from
her vet, who told her that this puppy, then seven weeks old, had a defective knee that would never bend, and
(the third ear thing) and that she should put him to sleep.

Can't Sleep Without His Skateboard

We had called just as she got in, and she was overjoyed because she loved Bentley so much, but could find
no one who wanted him. The rest is history...she gave him to us free, gave him all of his shots, etc.

Kathy first realized Bentley wasn't your average hound dog only a few days after she brought him home.
Here's her story.

Bentley Getting on his Skateboard

I heard a loud crash outside one day shortly after I brought him home (peg-legged-like a pirate with a wooden leg),
looked out on my patio, and he was skateboarding...using his peg leg to push off with, then sat on it and coasted until it
crashed into a huge palm tree in a ceramic pot! He lost three teeth, a piece of pie out of his two left ears, and...well?  His
leg is perfectly normal, but he still has three ears. Guess we'll have to pierce it, now that he's become an International Star.

Kathy's two cats Foster and Trucker were also adopted from an animal shelter and like everyone else, love Bentley.

Bentley and Foster Playing with a Piece of Twine.

Foster has no right wrist...a friend of mine who worked at an animal shelter took him home because
they wanted to put him to sleep. She found homes for him...yes, I am the sixth owner...he loves to chew computer
cords, chase TV screens, etc. I allow him outside, so when he comes in he just plays with Bentley. Debbie (the woman who
gave him to me) has two dogs...one of which stepped on his right foot and bent it upright so that hair grows on the top of
his right foot, and he walks almost "normally".

Sleeping with Trucker,

Trucker is the cat that Lindsey and I adopted at an animal shelter in Nashville...he was found as a kitten at a
truck stop, hence, the humane society had already named him "Trucker" when we got him.

Kathy says Bentley's defective knee is so strong now that he only slightly limps when the weather is damp.

Thanks Kathy, for loveable Bentley's wonderful story and pictures.


Originally published on June's Elvis Column on Suite 101


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