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The One and Only
Sir Bentley

A Little About Bentley

Type of dog: A Basset Hound
His most distinguishing marks: Well he has this stiff leg thing, then theres his third ear thing,
His favorite exercise:Riding his skateboard and playing with stuffed animals.
His favorite pastime: Store-bought chewies.
His favorite (non doggie) snacks: Anything with ice, preferably Pepsi and tortilla chips.
What he does when no one is looking:Chews on undies, shoes, pajamas and trash.
His favorite things with Kathy: He really enjoys singing along with her. In fact, he says she has a tape of them singing Hound Dog together. Maybe we can talk her into putting it on the site.
His favorite music: Anything by Kathy Westmoreland of course. Here's a list of some of the records and videos Kathy and Elvis made together.


Kathy and I just hanging out together  

Here we are in our back yard by the Jacuzzi with our friend J.C.
Kathy's all decked out in her Easter bonnet.

Here we're celebrating J.C.'s birthday.
Guy Gray's sister Debbie, snapped this photo of me
praying a piece of that cake would fall in my direction soon.

Here I am with my skateboard. A good skater has to check his wheels before he gets on.

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