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The fan site with Kathy and Bentley's seal of approval

In Memory of Bentley, who passed away on May 31, 2007

we will continue the Bentley and Love Bug Website.


As Elvis use to say
Dog is God spelled backwards.

My personal favorite saying is
"Please God help me to be the person my dog thinks I am. "

Kathy W and Bentley

Kathy W on the ranch with her horse DodyJo
What a beauty.


June's loveable "Love Bug"

June's husband Don with "Love Bug"
and their new baby "Honey Bee"

"Willow", who's owned by Debbie Gray


Kathy's daughter and her husband, Lindsey
and Eddie's adorable Sharpei, Lola

Edward  (Eddie) James McKinney and Friend


Another pet in the June and Don's backyard.
Our squirrels  are so tame they all have names,
we even carry unsalted peanuts around in our pockets
while working in the yard.

This photo of Bonnie, Gwen Beck's new puppy
was taken with a cell phone no less.
Congrats on the new baby Gwen, what a doll.

Here are Maska, Baby and Chevy
owned by
Melody Sanders and her family,
trying desperately to stand still.


Here's "Buddy," the adorable new puppy
just added to the
Melody Sanders  household.
What a cutie he is.

 Tutti Frutti, owned by Marielena Araujo

Liana's kids, Bella, a Corgi, and Spotty, a Border Collie

Cheri Wood's
Cheri on MySpace

This doll is Kokomo, owned by Flo Guth

Rocky Raccoon. These adorable photos were sent to us by Sandi Pichon

This little raccoon used to come with his mother and a brother or sister when they were really little - I always put food off my deck (leftovers) and bread for the birds. Guess they knew they could get a free meal here! Well after the mom and sibling got run over he kept coming. He will stand up on his little back legs and hit the window if we don't see him! One night it was late (he usually comes during the day and then comes back around 6 or 7. So one night it was about 8 and dark and I heard a bang. Sounded like something fell. I got up and looked around and didn't see anything. Then we heard it again. Stanley said where is that coming from? I told him it sounded like something was on the deck. We have an old wooden Remington box on the deck we keep the chemicals for the hot tub in. I turned on the light and there the raccoon was BANGING THE LID to get our attention!!! I opened the door and he came right into the house! I quickly got some bread and led him back out. We don't try to pet him because they carry rabies, but he is so cute. He climbs up into one of the big oaks and nestles into a fork and sleeps and looks down at us when he wakes up if we're outside. He is a cutie. We named him Rocky Raccoon after the Beatles song

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Bentley and Love Bug  

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