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Founded by
Kathy Westmoreland and Friends

This website gives you an opportunity to send
a free printed postcard to the U S Military
showing your support and appreciation

Let's Say Thanks

Here are a few links dedicated to sending
Care Packages to the troops
It includes a list of items needed.

Give to the Troops

Donate your old cell phones
and turn them into
phone cards for soldiers

Details at

Cell Phones for Soldiers


Donating Hair for Cancer Victims


Below are just a few ways you can give to others

All these charities can be helped by just clicking
daily, weekly, or as often you get a chance.

The Hunger Site


The Animal Rescue Site


The Rainforest Site


The Child Health Site


The Literacy Site

A portion of everything sold on Kathy's merchandise
pages is donated to charities.


There is a brick in Bentley's name at the Sand Bernardino Valley Humane Society

If you'd like to make donations

They take money, ink jet cartridges and cell phones

You can contact them at the

Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley

You can help animals and protect the environment with one easy step!

Take a step to the Humane Society to drop off your used inkjet cartridges and cell phones today!

Please label your donation to the attention of Jim Lamm and we will do the rest!


Another of  Kathy's favorite charities.


The Society of Singers mission is to benefit the health and welfare
of professional singers in need of assistance due to financial, medical or family crises.




 Tonya McCartor/Margo Freshwater 

You may have read about Tonya McCartor/Margo Freshwater, or have seen her husband

Daryl, Tonya's husband
Making the rounds of talk shows and talking to the media.

What's your opinion? Do you feel Tonya deserves a new trial?

Read the full story
Published by the Nashville Scene on August 22-28,2002.

If you'd like to see Tonya Hudkins McCartor reunited with her family

here are a few ways you can help

"Petition to Investigate Wrong Doing That Leads to the Wrongful Convictions"
Petitions Online


If you have any questions regarding this site  please contact
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