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What were you doing on the 4th of July?

I bet this isn't what you would have expected Kathy to be doing.

She spent the day relaxing at her favorite place, Jody's Silver Bullet Ranch, with friends.

All photos on this page were taken by 9-year-old
Jesper Haraldsson who's a BIG Elvis Fan from Denmark

Captions by Kathy,  the Snake Charmer, Westmoreland

Doug caught the snakes below and  lives on the Silver Bullet Ranch.
He works at Scripps University in San Diego
in the Research Department.

Desert Doug and Rosie Rattler

Rosie  -- extremely Poisonous, but one of the calmest rattlesnakes.

Wanna Go Back in the Trash Can


Nice Chinstrap

Kat's Beaded Bracelet's Meet


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